Welcome to my new website and blog! I have just relocated after over two years of blogging at kjrietema.blogspot.ca. If you are a reader from my past blog, thank you for coming to check out the new site. For anyone who is here for the first time, welcome! Either way I hope you enjoy reading here!

One of the main reasons I have taken this opportunity to start fresh with the blog is the hope that this website will be more conducive to conversation. I received feedback multiple times that it was not possible to post comments on my last blog, and despite my best efforts, I could not seem to fix that. I am looking forward to engaging with you on your thoughts as I write each week.

I am making a commitment to add new content to this blog about once a week at the minimum. I will be posting links via facebook and twitter when new posts are live. Feel free to check in here directly or follow this blog as well.

I encourage you to check out my About page as I have taken some time to let you know not only who I am but also where my heart is at for this blog.

If you have read from my blog in the past, I would like to know what past post you enjoyed the most. I am planning on re-posting some of my stronger posts once in a while. Also, if you have any questions, personal comments, or blog post ideas, please feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with me.

Thank you again for reading my thoughts as I process daily life through writing.


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