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There are a variety of ways I could let myself be defined, things that are either inherent parts of who I am or things that have nestled their way deep into my heart that truly could be used to give you a picture of what makes me unique. However, I have learned that there is only one true thing that holds my identity, and everything else takes its place in my life after that.

I am one in whom Christ Jesus dwells and delights in, and I live in the unshakable kingdom of God that is not, and has never been, in trouble*. Whatever I do, it is in light of the reality that I am beloved by God, saved by Jesus work on the cross, and filled with His Spirit. Instead of defining myself by anything else, everything becomes a question of how to let God lead me and work through me in the various aspects of my life.

How do I let Christ live through me in my marriage? I have been blessed to be Kevin’s wife for over seven years. He is currently working at Bethel Community Church in Edmonton as the Worship Pastor. He inspires me daily to dig deep and keep pursuing Christ. He makes me laugh often and fills me heart with joy. How do I honor God by being his wife?

How do I follow God by being a mother? Our daughter, Jordyn, was born in July 2012, and our son, Seth, joined the family in September 2014. Our daughter is a bundle of laughter, cuteness, discovery and energy. I am excited to see our son grow and develop into a little boy in the coming months and years as well. It has been beyond amazing to have these two in our lives. I have learned so much about love, trust, wisdom, self-sacrifice and balance in the past two years. I will never get over the miracle of their lives. So, how do I let God shine through me as a parent?

How will I let God use me in the local church? We had the privilege of serving at a church in Ontario for five years, and have been at Bethel Community Church in Edmonton since Aug 2014. Over this time I have loved serving as a worship leader, a youth leader, and various other opportunities. I celebrate the opportunities I have had to teach, to learn, to reach out, to grow. I have appreciated being stretched and even having to learn through hard times with our church family. How do I let God use me as a member of His body in the local church?

How do I let Christ live through me as an employee? As a friend? As a neighbour? As a daughter, sister and aunt? How do I let the things I love be infused with God’s love – music, baking, the outdoors, hospitality. How can my whole life reflect the way His love is transforming my heart?

This blog is basically a place for me to continue processing how to answer these questions. As I continue on this journey, I hope for a few things. I hope what I write provides encouragement to those who read it. I hope I can facilitate helpful and meaningful conversations with each one of you. And I hope through my candid thoughts, you will be challenged in your own faith journey to walk closer with the Lord.

Peace of Christ to each of you.


*This concept taken from the Good and Beautiful books by James Bryan Smith.


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