Notice the Moments

This morning I was nursing my 6 month old son and suddenly I wanted to just memorize the moment. There was nothing extraordinary about the moment except the fact that I was noticing it. So I lingered in it, taking in all the details and trying to record them in my memory.

The way his baby soft, blonde hair was shining in the morning light. The way his big blue eyes held my gaze without any inhibitions like only infants can. The sound of his quiet swallows. The warmth and weight of his little body in my arms. His feet kicking against the chair. His pudgy little hand reaching up and grabbing my cheek and my lips.

Such an ordinary moment, and yet also so special. It will not be long before everything is once again totally different than it is now. There is no guarantee it will be different better or different worse. Just different, and these moments will be gone, making way for new moments.

I have nothing more profound to say today than just this: Notice the moments.

Pause and take them in. The colours of the sunrise as you’re going off to work. That moment a new friend trusts you enough to be vulnerable with you and you recognize the birth of a deeper, more real friendship. The sound of children playing and giggling.  The way your heart feels when you read the Bible and know that God is speaking to you. When your spouse does a simple gesture that speaks your love language. When a stranger looks you in the eyes and gives you a sincere smile and a “Thank You.”

Feel. Take a deep breathe. Be grateful.

I encourage you to use the comments section below to share an extraordinary ordinary moment that you have noticed recently in your own life. 

4 thoughts on “Notice the Moments

  1. I had a “notice the moment” this morning at work when I went to get a resident for breakfast. I entered her room, opened her curtain, and saw the beautiful pink sky just before the sun came up. I quickly showed her the beauty and told her we had just seen a gift from God today. It was amazing!!

    Mom R.

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