The question came to me recently of why I write this blog. It has been good to think about this, especially when I’m just beginning to reconnect with writing after a season of change. Now certainly there are multiple reasons to write. Is this a place where I process my life experiences and thoughts? Yes. Is this a creative outlet that is actually managable in the midst of taking care of kids and doing life? Yes. Do I simply enjoy putting words together in thought-provoking and beautiful ways? Yes. But there is another bigger, underlying reason I write.


To remind myself of hope. To remind those who read of hope. Life can be confusing, exciting,  painful, stressful, beautiful and everything in between. There are the overwhelming days, the seemingly pointless days, and the days you wish would never end. But as I write it always comes back to hope, because I remember that Jesus is Lord over all things. I remember He is redeeming the world and has promised to make all things new. Whether my thoughts are turned to relationships, parenting, our church family, my own habits and hang-ups, or anything else, I always am brought back to Christ.

This past Sunday our Pastor talked about seeing life in light of what Christ is doing. He was reading from Philippians, and explaining that even when Paul was in chains he did not lose hope because he had a Christ-centered outlook. He was focused on Jesus, who conquered death and darkness with His own death and resurrection. Hope does not mean our external circumstances are always good, but that our sights are set on God’s kingdom. Hope means that we have peace and joy in Him, even if we experience pain, loss, injustice, confusion. We can remember who we are and where we are.

I am one in whom Christ Jesus dwells and delights in, and I live in the unshakable kingdom of God that is not, and has never been, in trouble*. This statement has been very formative in my life the past few years. My identity is in Christ. His Spirit lives in me. His Kingdom is unshakable, and that is where I am, no matter what else is happening around me. This is hope.

So I write because as I think and process, write and re-write my thoughts, they are filtered through a Christ-centered perspective. My heart gets reoriented, and I am brought back to hope in Jesus. And I trust this hope is somehow passed on to you.


*This concept taken from the Good and Beautiful books by James Bryan Smith.

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Once again Jessica, you have touched my heart and I’m sure many others, through your words and thoughts, always turning us to Christ…our HOPE! So wonderful you are now finding time to write your blog! Have a wonderful day, even in the daily routines with 2 kids!! Love Aunt Sharon

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